Important communication on forthcoming meetings of IFAD’s governing bodies

Distinguished representatives,

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, measures have been taken in close consultation with the List Convenors to ensure business continuity, while complying with the decrees issued by the Italian authorities and the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

Please be advised therefore that the upcoming formal and informal meetings of IFAD’s governing bodies will be conducted according to the modalities listed in the following hyperlinks: [Arabic] [English] [French] [Spanish].

Welcome to the IFAD Member States Interactive Platform

This Platform has been designed for the use of representatives of IFAD Member States.

The aim of this Platform is to facilitate the exchange of information and communications between the Fund and its representatives with respect to IFAD governing bodies meetings and other official events.

Through this web application, authorized representatives will be able to:

  • Consult up-to-date information on forthcoming official meetings and events;
  • Receive and consult communications and documentation sent by the Fund on governing bodies meetings;
  • Request pre-registration for specific meetings and provide the names of participating delegates; and
  • Consult contact details of one’s own country’s official representatives maintained by the Fund, and request updating of these details or of IFAD’s official mailing lists for matters relating to governing bodies.

We hope the Platform becomes a useful tool and facilitates the work of IFAD’s governing bodies.

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