Meetings and Events in the next three months

Monday, 13 (12:30-17:30)
Tuesday, 14 (12:30-17:30)
Wednesday, 15 (12:30-17:30)
Thursday, 16 (12:30-17:30)
Hybrid Meeting
Tuesday, 11 (12:00-17:00)
Virtual Meeting
Wednesday, 16 - Thursday, 17

FAO - IFAD - WFP Common Calendar

In an effort to avoid overlapping of FAO, IFAD and WFP meetings other than Governing Body meetings, but which are of interest to the majority of Permanent Representatives, the three Rome-based Agencies have recently launched a Web-based “common calendar” which meeting conveners may consult on-line when scheduling meetings. Queries regarding the common calendar can be sent to:

Click here to access the calendar .

General Meeting Instructions

Meeting participation - in person attendance -  health and safety measures

As part of the health and safety measures in place to prevent infection transmission, delegates and visitors attending IFAD-organized meetings and events in-person are requested to:

a) have a valid EU Green pass (or equivalent) to access the venue of the meeting or event and that will be checked by an IFAD healthcare professional upon arrival to the venue; and

b) complete the COVID-19 Personal Health Risk Assessment Form, for review and clearance by IFAD Medical Services.    

 The COVID-19 Personal Health Risk Assessment Form, duly completed, should be submitted directly to

Clearance to access the venue will be notified by email, and a temporary IFAD Medical Clearance Pass issued to you.

In addition to this, participants attending meetings in-person are kindly requested to adhere to the following standard health precautionary measures:

-  Social distancing of at least 1.5 metres

-  Wash or sanitize hands frequently

-  Wear mask at all times when indoors (surgical or appropriately made cloth masks in multiple layers) and not eating.  During the event, the speaker (2 metres away from others) may unmask and speak and put his/her mask back on after speaking. All other attendees in listening mode are to keep their masks on.  

-   Please do not attend meetings in-person if you are unwell (i.e. having flu-like symptoms or having been in close contact with someone suspected of having COVID-19).


Zoom التعليمات الخاصة بتطبيق

التعليمات الخاصة بتطبيق زووم - دليل سريع للتسجيل والانضمام إلى اجتماع عن طريق تطبيق زووم


Zoom instructions

Zoom instructions - Quick guide to register and join Zoom meeting


Participer à une réunion Zoom

Réunions Zoom: guide pratique


Instrucciones para Zoom

Instrucciones para Zoom - Guía rápida sobre cómo inscribirse y cómo entrar en una reunión